Instructions to Students

1. Every student must have Id card.
2. Students must attend every class without fail.
3. Students must attend the Compensation class arranged by the instructor when there is any unplanned holiday was announced
4. Late comers are not allowed to continue the class after 3times of excuses, i.e. they will be terminated from dojo.
5. Student must ensure their attendance card is updated for their entry to the class.
6. Student must come to class with clean karate gi.
7. After one month from the date of registration no student is allowed inside the dojo without karate gi.
8. The Karate gi must have JKR logo on it.
10. Students must keep the dojo clean.
9. No compensation class is encouraged if there is absence without prior information.
11. Training fee must be paid on or before 10th of every month.
12. Grading Exam fee to be paid 30 days in advance to the grading exam.
13. Grading Results :

a. Achieving A-grade is Double Promotion
b. Achieving B-Grade is Very Good
c. Achieving C-Grade is Good
d. Achieving D-Grade is Ok to Pass
e. Achieving E-Grade is Re-exam

The following items to be procured from H.Q against payment:
1. Registration Form
2. Students Attendance card
3. Student’s Badge
4. Belt
5. Certificate
Dress code must be followed as prescribed by H.Q:
a. Plain white socket with JKR logo at left chest, sleeves not exceeding beyond wrist.
b. Plain white pant without print/badge, pant length not exceeding beyond the ankle joint.

Duration of Class :

Classes : 2days or 3 days in a week

Timing : 2hrs. to 3hrs. per class

Complete syllabus for an Exam

3 to 4months (above 8years)

Maximum 6 months below 8years