Student Registration

1.Registration fee to be collected as prescribed by the H.Q.

2.Registration fee must be collected along with monthly fee and the cost of Karate Gi.

3.After the registration of new student Attendance Card must to be provided immediately.

4.Student’s Id card must be provided within 2 classes from the date of registration.

5.Karate Gi must be provided within 4 classes from the date of registration.

6.The Registration fee and Grading Exam fee to followed as fixed by the H.Q.

7.Duration of Class hours must be followed to get eligibility to attend Grading Exam.

a.Re-exam without exam fee will be considered for unexpected events caused to participant, otherwise Re-exam fee to be paid.

b.Re-Exam fee is actual exam fee + 50% of the actual exam fee.

c.The date and name of the dojo with address will be informed by H.Q within 15 working days.